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Deltona Information

The City of Deltona

Southwest Volusia County's early inhabitants were Timucuan Indians who found fish and fresh water to be abundant in the area. Later as Florida became a state, steamboats began to regularly visit the area, landing at Lake Monroe. The area soon became a small community consisting of a school and two churches and came to be known as Enterprise.

Down the road, Baron Fredrick DeBary bought several hundred acres for a fishing preserve and built a winter home where he entertained Presidents and European royalty. His winter home is now known as the DeBary mansion. And so it was that the quiet life in Southwest Volusia continued until 1962 when the Mackle brothers bought 17,203 acres, filed for a planned unit development with 35,143 lots and named the area Deltona. The first Deltona residents arrived in April of 1963. By the end of that year 78 families had arrived in Deltona. That growth rate has remained steady to bring Deltona's population to 71,599 and grants the city status as being the largest city in Volusia County.

In September of 1995, after two previous attempts, the residents voted to incorporate as the new City of Deltona. The City of Deltona has recently completed construction on its City Hall, located on Providence Blvd. Deltona includes more than 100 lakes totaling over 8.4 square miles. There are six elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools serving the students of Deltona. There are also 41 park sites in Deltona.

The City of Deltona provides quality and cost efficient municipal services. Police protection is provided through inter-local agreements with the Volusia County Sheriff's Department. Deltona is centrally located between Daytona Beach and Orlando and is considered to be an "edge city" to the city of Orlando. Deltona abuts the rural communities of Cassadaga, Enterprise and Osteen. It is adjacent to the cities of Orange City and DeBary. Its proximity to Orlando, quality of life and affordable housing make it an attractive area for young professionals who want to work in the Orlando area and commute along I-4.










Population characteristics






Significant Statistics**
2000 Census 2001 update 2006 forecast
Population 69,543 71,447 79,859
Households 24,896 25,521 28,307
Median Age 37 37.5 38.5
N/A $50,730 $74,966
Marketplace population* 1,142,363 1,174,802 1,314,201
* From a site located within a 25 mile radius ** Source: ESRI Business Information Solutions
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Relocation Info

Telephone Service Providers 
- Sprint (800) 339-1811
- Bell South (386) 321-6716
Electricity Providers
- Progress Energy (800) 700-8744
- Florida Power & Light (800) 226-3545
Gas Providers 
- Florida Public Utilities (386) 734-1951
Department of Motor Vehicles 
- Driver License (386) 736-5326
- Tags & Titles (386) 775-5251
Water Services 
- Florida Water Services (800) 432-4501
- Volusia County Water & Sewer (386) 736-5969
Solid Waste Services 
- Waste Management Company (386) 774-6162
- Waste Management Special Pick up (Large items)

(386) 774-6162

- Recycling Bins (386) 860-7604
Cable TV
Time Warner Cable (386) 775-7300
Newspaper Service
El Communicator (Bilingual) (386) 860-2007
Orlando Sentinel (800) 359-5353
The DeLand-Deltona Beacon (386) 734-4622
The News Journal (386) 734-2070
Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce of West Volusia (386) 775-2793
Deltona City Hall
Deltona City Hall (386) 561-2100
Civic Association
Deltona Civic Association (386) 574-6208
Property Appraiser
Property Appraiser (386) 736-5901
Temporary Accommodations
Best Western Deltona Inn (386) 860-3000
Comfort Inn of Orange City (386) 775-7444
Hampton Inn DeBary (386) 668-5758
Holiday Inn DeLand (386) 736-3400
Holiday Inn Express (386) 917-0004
Other Services
Circuit Court Clerk (386) 822-5710
Deltona City Hall (386) 561-2100
Deltona Civic Association (386) 574-6208
Deltona Post Office - Deltona Blvd. (386) 574-6440
Deltona Post Office - Howland Blvd. (386) 789-2095
Deltona Regional Library (386) 789-7207
Elections Department (386) 736-5930
Property Appraiser (386) 736-5901
Veterans Services (386) 254-4646
Volusia County - General Info (386) 736-2700
Votran Public Transportation (386) 756-7496
Central Florida Regional Medical (386) 668-4441
Florida Hospital Fish Memorial (386) 851-5000
Florida Hospital DeLand (386) 943-4522
Volusia County School Board (386) 734-7190

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