Historic Downtown DeLand is home to a variety of ethnic restaurants. This small community within West Volusia County is rich with cultural diversity. A stroll through the historic city walk is brightened by colorful restaurant fronts, like the Havanna Cuba. The sides of the brick buildings serve as large canvasses for murals that capture the story of the establishment of DeLand. The rich aroma of foreign spices travels through the air with restaurants like Phad Thai's. The restaurant spoils guests with its small grocery store to cook its own cuisine. DeLand also has its share of the classic restaurants, such as Italian and American food.

The city of DeLand offers more than ethnic diversity for visitors and residents. There are a variety of restaurants that provide casual and formal dining experiences. The Artisan offers an upscale dining experience serving fine cuisine. The restaurant even offers an inn upstairs for travellers. If one is in the mood for casual dining in a relaxing atmosphere, the Mainstreet Grill provides both. Guests can dine outside under the canape' top as one listens to the manatee mural fountain or sit inside with murals that capture glimpses of the horse and buggy days of DeLand. The galleries and colorful restaurants within the downtown area make it all the more charming for the Fall Festival of the Arts.

The Fall Festival of the Arts also allows for two full days of music. Solo performances, for example, Mark Hudson, performed songs from his new cd, Muddy Harp. It is also a chance for street performers, such as Dallas Saupe (the Amazing Beaumanz) to dazzle the crowd with amazing acts of fire breathing, fire eating, and much more. Jeff Pattyihall and Keven Stever were also among the many performers that joined the festival to entertain visitors with their string instruments.

Historic landmark, Stetson University, also offers DeLand's visitors and residents musical performances. The School of Music is internationally recognized and works closely with the community. The university offers three ensembles: Major, Chamber and Faculty. The Major ensemble includes choirs, an orchestra, a symphonic band, and opera and jazz performances. The Chamber ensemble offers A Barron strings, Guitar, Brass, Drum, Band and Percussion sections. Last, the Faculty ensemble is divided into three bands. The first band is the Ars Classica (violin, cello, piano). The second, called Tres Vientos, (flute, oboe, clarinet). The last, Stetson Brass (trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba). Recitals are given within Elizabeth Hall and dates of performances are under the Events at Stetson webpage.



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A Report on the Fall Festival of the Arts 2002


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