A letter to prospective customers, 55 years or older, concerning
Hidden Valley and why they should consider becoming one of us - from Dick Schuler,
President and Jeane Schuler, Vice President in charge of customer relations.

Dear Friends,

It is no accident that we are located a mile east of Route 17 in DeLeon Springs and seven miles north of DeLand, home of Stetson University. The Park is situated on a gently sloping forty acre wooded tract on a small lake, away from traffic noise, and within two miles of Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge and Ponce Deleon Springs State Park, home of the true Fountain of Youth and the famous Pancake House. Here you can take advantage of plays, musicals, libraries, and restaurants, all within seven miles of your home. If you travel a little further you can enjoy the ocean at Daytona Beach and the many springs and trails in the Ocala National Forest.
You can also enjoy the good clean air, the Park roads for pleasant walks, talks and social activities with your friendly neighbors, fishing in Park Lake, the many other lakes in the area or the St. Johns River, or strolling along the pathway at beautiful recreation building with our game nights, art lessons, pot lucks, quilting classes, get togethers and much more. You might want to just sit by the lake and watch the bird and animal life (watch out for the alligators).

Web sites can be very pretty and enticing but the "proof in the pudding"can be had by observing and talking to our present residents, most of whom came on recommendation from Park residents or because their family retired here. We now have some residents that are the third generation of their family who have made Hidden Valley their happy home.

Why do our residents like their park? One reason is the overall layout of our 184 homesites which was drawn by the Mobile Home Manufactures Association (cost $75/00) from a contour map of the land surveyed in 1955 by dick schuler on the instrument (level) and Jeane Schuler as rodwoman (no cost, just a bunch of effort). The following is a direct quotations from FLORIDA HEALTH NOTES, November 1957.

"Rather than parking the trailers (now they are manufactured homes) in regimented rows, all facing the same direction, this manner of placement gives more freedom to the guest (now we call ourselves residents), allows more privacy, and throughout its informality seems to run a feeling of being at ease.

Trailers are parked in large spaces, which gives plenty of room on all sides of relaxations. One feels more at home in this style of layout. Owners of the giant Jobs' are always happy to find a park featuring the informal layout since they are not forced to place their trailers (please-manufactured homes) in cramped areas.

Pleasant curving streets which wind about through the park give an impression of size yet at all times the guests (residents) are near the facility building and a minimum of walking is necessary."

Another reason given is that the Park is located on the DeLand Ridge, which is famous for its good water. This excellent water comes to us through two foot wells, each four inch in diameter. The system is set up in two sections with each well supplying one section. If one of the pumps becomes inoperative the sections can be joined with a good pump, which supplies the water to both sections until repairs can be made.

Because of the gently sloping land of our community, we were able to install an excellent central sewage system, which eliminates the need for septic tanks and drain fields. The Park sewage system and water system were designed by Flood, Wilson and Associates who were just getting started then and is now a well known engineering business in Jacksonville, Florida.

And...last but not least, because the Park is family owned and operated with the family living on site. Our residents find a responsive, caring management. Couple that in with reasonable rates made possible because of the low construction costs with family involvement from the beginning, and have a winner that you should explore further.

If you are interested in learning more about us and our area E-mail us at hvparkfl@yahoo.com or give us a call at 386-985-4543.


Dick and Jeane Schuler
Owners and Managers

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