Standard Web Page for $10 per month
One year service contract required

Your Future Web Address can be: / yourname

or / yourname

After you press "submit" below you will be guided to a worksheet form that will help you create and input the information to be contained in your web page. Please take your time and enter this information in the best you can. While constructing your page we will format the text and correct any obvious spelling or grammer errors.

You will also have the opportunity to proof you page before the final version is posted. If you do not fill the worksheet form right away please bookmark that page so you can directly input the information at a later date. Please try to complete the form within one week of ordering service.

Hosting I Graphics I Link Section I Script Development Assistance
I Placement of up to 3 Photos I Photo Scanning / Post Editing
Hit Counter
I Posting and Exposure on PLANETFLORIDA.NET
Major Search Engine Submission (at least 5)
FREE E-mail address:
Moderate Revisions
I All with No Set-up Fees or Extra Costs

Payment Options:

Pay in Full = $120 - BEST VALUE! = only $10.00 per month!
6 - Month Billing Plan - $50 Down
$15 / month for 6 months
= $11.67 / month
12 - Month Billing Plan - $50 Down
$9 / month for 12 months

= $13.17 / month

Additional Options:
Additional Full Page of Information = $8.00 per month
Feedback Form / Order Form Page =
$5.00 per month
Additional Graphics / Photos =
$1.00 each per month

Fill in the form below to start your Web Page Service!
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First Name
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Payment Options:
Payment in Full - - $120.00
6 Month Billing - - $50 Down then $15
per month for 6 months
12 Month Billing - - $50 Down then $9
per month for 12 months

Additional Options:
Additional Page - - $8.00 per month
Food Menu Page - - $10.00 per month
Order Form / Request Info /
Feedback Form
- $5.00 per month
Additional Graphic / Photo - - $1.00 per month


I wish to pay by check or money order.
- If choosing this option please check this box and print out this page before submitting your application. Include printed form along with your initial payment to:

Tinker Graphics & Promotions
2607 S. Woodland Blvd. #161
DeLand, FL 32720

To pay by credit card:

Please Choose Credit Card Type:

Credit Card Number:

Credit Card Expiration Date xx/xx :

Name on Card:

After you press "submit" below you will be taken to a page that will ask you to choose the proper form for the category that you are in. Please submit that form as soon as possible so as to not delay your page service. Thanks

By continuing to send this form you are agreeing to the One Year service agreement and terms as defined above and below the submit buttons on this form. No matter which payment option you select, please print out this form and send it along with your payment and pics as soon as possible.

Once we receive this transmission we will send you your final service agreement for your records.

Thank You for your input :-)

The content of the Web page will be supplied by the client and executed as specified by the client. Notwithstanding any prices listed in literature or on Web pages, the client and Tinker Graphics & Promotions agree that the services described in this contract shall be completed for $120 unless paying on a monthly basis which prices are $140 for 6 month payment plan or $150 for a 12 month payment plan. Service shall include up to 1 Web page and hosting service for one year. The client will have the following as a web page address: In case the client desires additional standard Web pages beyond the original page specified above, the following prices will be added to the total cost. Additional Page of Information = $8.00 per month  / Feedback Form - Order Form  = $5.00 per month / Additional Graphics / Photos = $1.00 each per month. There is a limit of 5 graphics or photos per page due to proper load time goals. Where custom graphic work is requested, it will be billed at the hourly rate specified in our standard contract. In consideration for the promises and covenants hereinafter contained, the parties agree to the following:

All web page contents and or submitted pieces to any part of Planet Florida such as articles, reports, stories, art…etc. will be rated to determine if the material needs to be protected with an adult verification guard to prevent underage viewing. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse or amend content so as to stay within our rating guidelines. However, we strongly believe in the freedom of the 1st amendment and will do so only at the advertiser's consent. Absolutely no pornography of any kind or links to any sites that contain such material will be allowed.

A web page is defined (if printed) as 2 - 8 " x 14" pages (about 4 screen lenghts) with text at 10 pt (character count of 2500).

Tinker Graphics agrees to run listing in the Planet Florida Directory for the client under the terms and conditions of accounts of this Agreement as follows:

1) Advertisers Name in the Planet Florida Cyber Directory.

2) Full web page design/layout including: Hosting, Script Development, up to 3 Graphics or Photos, Guestbook, E-mail Address, Photo Editing, Title Graphics, Hit Counter, Search Engine Submission (5 submissions), Posting and Exposure on PLANETFLORIDA.NET and Moderate Scheduled Revisions. Custom Graphic work is an additional cost.

4) Simple revisions to the web page can be made up to 3 times in the contracted year.

5) All Web pages designed and hosted will remain copyrighted property of Tinker Graphics & Promotions. The cost of a single web page with all of the features above excluding hosting is currently $150. if purchased outright. At the end of this agreement the Advertiser’s web page will be available for renewal or purchase at the cost of $75.


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